"The healing power of touch is both simple and profound."

My Story

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, though I’m not much of a city girl at heart.  I’ve always felt a deep connection to the earth and to the outdoors.  I think my love of these two things is what drew me to my first profession, that of geology, and simultaneously landed me out west in Denver. There is where I worked and played for over a decade.  And there is where I met and married my husband, Larry, a fellow geologist.  Soon after marrying, my husband’s career started to take off and so did we. From Colorado, we moved to Illinois, then to Texas, then overseas to Trinidad, until finally settling in Virginia in 2002. With all the moving around and my husband’s frequent absences, I wanted to be at home with the children to provide some constancy in their lives and so I “retired” as a geologist and never looked back.  

I decided to pursue massage therapy once the family was firmly settled in Virginia.  At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  I wasn’t very far along in my search for a new career, when my father’s health began to severely deteriorate.  I traveled to be with him in his last remaining days as did my other siblings.  During those days, my sisters and I talked, sang and read to him.  Then for no particular reason, I began to massage his arms, hands and shoulders.  I asked him how it felt when I had finished and he opened his eyes, looked directly at me and responded, “That was great Dee!”  It was one of the last real exchanges any of us had with him before he passed away a few days later.  My sister, Kath, wondered aloud at the time if I had thought about pursuing massage therapy.  I hadn’t until that moment.  Then I began remembering all the times I had provided massage to other members of my family, and how much it always seemed to relax and soothe them. Soon I realized that I liked the idea of helping people feel good.

When I set out to find an accredited program in massage therapy, I luckily had to look no further than the Virginia School of Massage, right here in Charlottesville.  I eagerly enrolled, graduating in 2005.  For about a year, I did outcalls, providing massage in clients' homes, until I was fortunate enough to land a job working at Atlantic Coast Athletic Club (ACAC) where I stayed working for 3 years.  Then with a bit of courage and conviction, I set out on my own.

I feel I've chosen well in finding a second career.  I love being able to incorporate stones into the massage and I find it especially gratifying knowing that people not only look forward to seeing me, but generally do feel better once they depart from my studio.