"The healing power of touch is both simple and profound."


Time Out for Busy Dad
"Dolo's massage is relaxing and soothing yet invigorating, all at once. It helps me unwind and focus on my own body, even if for just an hour at a time. I truly appreciate her thoroughness and care for me."
                    Juan O., Radiologist and Father of Four

Staying in Tune
A massage with Dolores is such a treat. I always leave her studio in a better place than when I arrived, physically and mentally. She helped me stay in top performance health while playing collegiate athletics and reminds me to take care of and listen to my body. She is caring, professional, and extremely knowledgeable.
                                S. Hill, Graduate Student and
                                Former Collegiate Athlete

Keeping Pace
In her practice, Dolo skillfully and imaginatively incorporates a range of healing technologies, including deep tissue and Swedish massage, neuromuscular treatments and stretching exercises.  In my case, she has helped immensely, lessening joint, back and muscular pain, and thus enhancing my quality of life.  I highly recommend her.
                           R. Butler, Retiree

Restorative Measures
I highly recommend Dolo as a massage therapist.  Considerate of my hectic lifestyle, she is flexible with scheduling, creates a soothing and relaxed atmosphere, is sensitive in identifying recurring problems and applies appropriately focused therapy.  I always leave her studio with renewed energy and physical well-being.
                  J. Taylor, Graduate Student, Professor
                             and Busy Mom

Brain-Body Balance
I would like to recommend Dolores (Dolo) as an excellent, and very professional and caring massage therapist. I met Dolores several years ago at the Spa at ACAC.  Massage lets me forget my troubles for awhile and reminds me that I do have a body, not just a brain.  Massage is "heavenly."  See if you agree.
                            Lou H, Retired Engineer